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Allow nesting of components more than 2 levels deep in UI
I've recently read all the materials regarding the ban on creating deeply nested components. I saw that many people are asking to promote this feature within 3 years. I also saw that you removed the restriction for creating such structures in a raw schema. It seems to me that this is an incomplete solution to the community's request. In this regard, I have a proposal to add the ability to create such structures in the UI so that Strapi matches its stated capabilities to create any data structures easily, out of the box and without extra effort. Considering the fact that such structures may not be very efficient in terms of using dbms resources, I propose making the functionality disabled by default, but with the ability to enable it in the settings. Honestly, I don’t see any real objective system restrictions in order to allow editing such structures in the UI. From the outside it looks like 1 PR with a slight change in the layout of the entities module and 1 PR with remove restriction on the server side. Because I saw the Strapi rep's response regarding this proposal. The answer was something like this: “This feature is not in our plans yet” and we do not believe that it is advisable to include it in our plans entirely. I'd like to see a more expanded answer on this. Why do you think this functionality is not needed? What technical difficulties led you to this decision? Why did you unlock this functionality when editing the json schema, but did not unlock it in the UI? Why is there a depth limit of 2? Finally, I personally think this feature is critical. Because the existing limitation forces us to reinvent the wheel. So, what is your official advice to prevent creating deep nested components need?
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